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Starbuzz Wireless Shisha E-Hose Mini


  • £2499

Sporting the same fashionable design and reliability of it's predecessor, The E-Hose Mini stands about half as tall as the regular E-Hose. Now you can vape the same E-Hose cartridges in a smaller more portable E-Hose Mini.

Square's patented design uses a larger than ordinary flavour cartridge to ensure a good flavorful puff, more vapour, more flavour, more fun. All the components are built with durability in mind without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

E-Hose Mini Shisha box includes:

1 x Starbuzz E-Hose Mini

1 x Adapter

1 x USB charging cable.


 - Length : 18 cm

 - Type : E-Hose Mini

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