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Art Hookah Temple 45 V3 Glass Shisha with Led Light

Art Hookah Temple 45 V3 Glass Shisha with Led Light

Art Hookah

  • £19900

The Art Hookah Version 3.0 has skyrocketed in popularity since it's original release in 2013. This all glass hookah gives you the opportunity to fill your base with creative decorations such as: fruits, cocktail blends, and diffuser beads. The construction of the Art Hookah uses only high quality glass, this highly durable glass pays off for the accidental dings it may take. Every Art Hookah comes with a very usable storage box that can be double as a traveling case, these cases have separate compartments to allow for storage of each individual piece.

Prepare to be blown away with each inhale you take from the Art Hookah, this hookah comes to you with all the bells and whistles. The solid glass downstem features a finely tuned built-in diffuser, this eliminates the usual vibrations from standard sessions and leaves you with a smoother draw. If you really want to make this hookah stand out, use the included Led base light to really get the party started. The Led base light has a included remote that allows you to change the lights to your preference or have a continuous cycle of colors.

Of course you will need a hose to get smoking, included with this hookah is a highly washable vinyl hose with a brushed aluminum handle. You may have a hard time getting a flavor trapped in this hose, and even if you do all it takes is a quick rinse to bring it back to the original crisp taste.

The Art Hookah has moved away from the original glass purge valve and now features an improved plastic purge valve. The new purge valve construction allows for a full purge of your base with a couple of short exhales, so you always have a clean chamber of smoke. The Art hookah stands at 18" tall without a bowl, and is guaranteed to create some room filling thunder clouds with the large open base. 

Differences of the Art Hookah V.3 & V.4
 - V.3 features a large center Orb in the downstem compared to the slimmer V.4
 - Both hookahs feature a ash tray. V.3 contains a quickly removable tray. V.4 has a glass on glass fitting coal tray.

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