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Oduman Hookah N5-Z Junior

Oduman Hookah N5-Z Junior


  • £9999

Oduman introduce the New Oduman N5-Z Clear Glass Shisha. This new range of Shisha comes with some of the most exciting features ever to be put onto Glass Shishas.

Oduman have fused CNC cut Stainless Steel with Top Quality Glass to produce a Shisha that is as practical as a regular Shisha.

Oduman N5-Z Junior is a small and high energy product.

  • First class quality, handmade glass.
  • All the parts are stainless steel without mouth piece. Mouth piece is anodized black aluminium.
  • It has a diffuser.
  • Hoses are made of safe food-grade silicone and easy to clean. The length of the hose is 1,5m.
  • It has a valve. You can take out the smoke easily.
  • It can be used with two hoses.
  • Coloured box, strong and safe packing.

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