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Sahara Smoke Genie Chaos 15" Hookah

Sahara Smoke Genie Chaos 15" Hookah

Sahara Smoke

  • £7199

Fervent greens and oceanic blues mix with fiery reds and streaks of black on this genie chaos vase.

Sahara Smoke engineered for maximum performance with ultra gauge stainless steel tubes & inner connections. Its high end solid metal stem break down for easy cleaning, upgrading and customizing and has the most beautiful designed and hand crafted glass vases in the world.

Patented sahara vortex bowl comes standard with all sahara somke hookahs. It is developed and patented by Sahara Smoke, the Vortex smoking system is designed to deliver a world class smoking experience. It keeps the shisha juices in the bowl instead of dripping into the water. It allows the hot airflow to be redirected over the entire bowl to mazimize coverage. The spire keeps the charcoal distanced from your shisha to prevent scarching.

*Vases are hand blown glass, hence product may vary from picture.*

  • Height: 15 inches
  • Bowl: Sahara Vortex
  • Stem: Matte Genie
  • Vase: Genie Candy Cane
  • Vase Height: 5.5 inches
  • Width: 5.5 inches
  • Volume: 2 cups
  • Hose: Synthetic Leather
  • Hose Length: 70 inches
  • Hand crafted glass vase
  • High-grade metal stem
  • Synthetic leather hose
  • Patented sahara vortex bowl
  • Charcoal tray
  • Grommet set
  • Custom carrying bag

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